This page will NOT show you the typical 'before and after', because you've seen that all before. It will however show you REAL results from REAL people with 'before and now' photos. Just because someone is in great shape doesn't mean they are happier. I want to use this page to show you the real feelings these people have experienced and how they truly feel in themselves. It's my job to show you and make you understand these guys are real people who have turned their lifestyles around.

Luke John Harrison
Before TFT I was in a bit of a bad place. Basically a fat angry b@st@rd! I was drinking quite a lot. 3-4 times a week or even every night some weeks, living on take aways and shite food. I was totally unfit and only going in one direction, was snappy and probably a bit of a b@st@rd towards a lot of the people that I really shouldn't have been. Family, friends, work mates, and even random strangers included. Since joining TFT my life has totally changes for the better. I feel like a different person, I've lost over 3 stone in weight and dropped from a 40" waist to nearly a 34" and I can buy clothes without asking if they have a size with a few extra xxx's in front. All this in the first 6 months and has totally changed my body shape (still more to come). This has totally boosted my confidence and made me feel a lot more like I did a good few years ago. Being angry is not really an issue anymore, I'm a lot calmer in every possible way, my head is definitely in a better place. Happy days for everyone involved. THT is an excellent group to be part of, I've met some really good people and made some really good friends. It's been a total life changer for not only me but also my family. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Luke, from the first phone call to today the support has been immense. I'm grateful for everything.

Glenn 'no longer a ratty bast@rd' Stephenson

I joined TFT in January because I needed help. Not just physically but mentally. Last year I went through a nervous breakdown. Full on rocking on the floor, crying breakdown. That's still really hard to admit. After watching Luke's videos for a while I decided something needed to change. I needed to rebuild myself to save my own sanity, but I had zero confidence or belief in myself. I reached out anyway and Luke rang me, we talked, I felt her understood me and agreed on a start date. Walking in to the room full of strangers to "work out" terrified me, I've never felt comfortable in gyms or anywhere like that really. This was different, this is "team training", a totally new concept for me and I felt instantly welcomed. The encouragement, camaraderie and love from everyone there, session after grueling session (and real fun ones) started to change me. I'm fitter now at 34 than I have ever been and with that has come a mental clarity that to me is priceless. I'm more confident in myself and have actually started to apply for promotions at work I NEVER would have at any time in the past. I'm not afraid to stand up and be counted anymore. I believe in myself. To Luke and every tribe member who reads this I owe a massive debt of gratitude.

Lee 'It really does work y'na' White

My journey started following a routine visit to the doctor on 3rd September 2015. This was when then doctor told me I was diabetic, overweight (obese), had high blood pressure and told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life. So after a conversation with Luke I joined TFT the following day and haven't looked back. I was nearly 18 stone, 48" waist, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. After 6 months at TFT I am now 20kg lighter, 12" less waist. New 36" work trousers yesterday, healthy end of normal blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. BMI of 28 heading for the magic 25. Best of all about TFT is the family spirit and encouragement to exercise well, eat well, and live well. This year I'm doing the pier to pier, London 24h cycle ride and Great North Run all spurred on by other tribe members. Last year I couldn't even be bothered to walk to the garage.

Michael 'it sure does work y'na' Harrison

I was very angry, very frustrated at work and in life a short while back. Something wasn't going right, I didn't look like me anymore, I didn't act like me. I was drinking more and more but I wasn't a happy drunk anymore. I was a nasty drunk saying things to hurt people and hiding behind the truth hurt. I'm just saying it how it was. I wasn't honest for a while. I was saying nasty things because I wanted other people to dislike themselves as much as I disliked what I'd become. I knew this, but couldn't admit it to myself. I found out a really old friend had passed away one day not much older than me who loved a drink and a smoke. Always nice, always made me and others around him smile. Then I went to the funeral and seen men, old submariners who wouldn't shed a tear for their mother, breaking down at the loss of a friend. Not just a submariner comrade, a true friend. I got back to South Shields and a post was shared by friend about TFT. I immediately messaged Luke and that was the start of my journey. I'm a different person now. I actually like myself and like to make others feel good about themselves. I'm having an amazing physical journey, the results speak for themselves. But for me the mental journey is truly the surprise package with TFT.

Danny Carter

I've always been fairly fit... or so I thought. Always done some form of exercise, but my diet was very poor, small portions and irregular meal times, if I managed to eat at all. My sleep pattern was horrendous, if I slept at all, and my confidence was actually on rock bottom. I got up one morning and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was horrified.. as I realised for the first in my life I had put on weight. I really did not like how I looked. I thought okay I need to sort myself out or my weight is going to escalate. I asked a few friends about fitness groups and personal trainers, a few were recommended, but nothing stood out for me, no one understood me. Flicking through Facebook one day I came across something, Total Fitness Tribe, so I read a little bit about it and thought it sounded really good. So I contacted Luke and started that same day. I walked in and felt so anxious, I was terrified , but everyone was really lovely and welcoming. I worked with the group and literally felt sick when I left my first time, but loved every second. I knew this was definitely the right place for me. So since that day I've trained hard and followed advice on clean eating (I eat more now than I've ever eaten). I have lost 2 stone and loads of inches in just 16 weeks. I feel so fit and healthy and my energy levels are amazing. My hair and skin are healthier and I now sleep at night. The group are amazing people and the support between each other is phenomenal. I feel like I've gained a whole family. Our coach Luke has supported me and guided me literally every step of the way. He is inspirational and really genuinely cares about all of us. Where else do you get all of that? I am now fit, healthy and I feel amazing. I feel happy and smile constantly. I wake up every single day excited and I am doing things I'd never dreamed of before. At the time of writing this I've completed the Keswick half marathon and feel the most proud I ever have... I love my life.

Tracey 'look at my now' Holmes

I had lost some weight in the past but before joining The Total Fitness Tribe it had slowed and it was getting harder to get to my target of losing 4 stone. By joining TFT I was able to step it up a gear and lose the weight as well as tone up massively. I've now lost 13" off my waist and have a budding 6 pack due to all the great training we get. My right shoulder joint does need replacing but I'm too young, and to my surprise, now the pain has eased off as I've built muscle around it. I'm now the fittest I can ever remember and at the time of writing this, just got in from a 15 mile walk. I'd never of dreamed of being able to do this hadn't I joined TFT for sure. One important lesson I've learned at TFT is all the healthy eating and nutritional which has amazed me. You don't just join up and pay to use the gym, it's all the personal advice and teaching as you go that makes it worth the investment as well as injury advice and physio appointments in the gym too. Take a look at Luke's video called "You selfish bastard" and watch it through til the end and then look at the results above because that "selfish bastard" was me on the left. Drinking and eating myself to death. Now I'm happier than ever, and my missus ain't complaining anymore.. if you know what I mean ;-)

Andy '4 stone down' Winter

So what's the crack? I played football regularly all my life. As I got older I started to get injured a lot and slower so eventually packed in. At this point I would go to the gym off and on with no real structure. As a result I gained weight, became really lethargic and generally run down. I felt quite depressed when I looked in the mirror. My turning point was meeting an old pal at Christmas when his opening line was "f*** me Bri you've hoyed the weight on son!" This was a light bulb moment for me. I contacted Luke a week or so after and talked things through. He told me he could move me forward if I was prepared to work. I've had ups and downs but got straight back on it. I feel great and really look forward to training everyday. I'm sleeping better, more alert and generally more confident as well as losing a considerable amount of body fat. To be honest this is the best decision I've ever made. This is only the start for me but I'm really enjoying it. It's working y'na.

Bri 'not stuck anymore' Carter

Well, don't know quite where to start with these things. I joined 5 months ago with the overall aim of both shedding fat and building muscle. I was a regular gym-goer, going about 3 times per week but was finding that losing stomach fat was seemingly impossible. I've never been what I'd consider overweight but have always stored fat around my hips and lower stomach. Since joining Luke I've learnt what I should and shouldn't be shoveling into my mouth which was my main issue and have stepped up my training ten fold. The past five months for me have had both ups and downs especially with eating but determination is prevailing! I have to say I've never experienced an atmosphere quite like Total Fitness Tribe and the training and advice I have received has given me the knowledge I need to go further. Bring on the future.

Kyle 'I WILL have lower abs' Wilson

I joined the "Tribe" for 3 reasons really; to lose weight, get fit and feel healthier and help my wife achieve her weight loss goal. I was sick and tired of being overweight, having no energy and generally not being happy. As my experience has evolved so have I, especially in terms of what goals I have both health wise, personally and professionally. When I first started Luke said I would lose 2 stone and with all the will in the world I did not think I was capable of this. But with hard work, 100% commitment and the help and guidance of the whole group I did just that and changed shape with a loss of 20 inches. Happy days, my energy is through the roof and I am so positive in my outlook. Fundamentally a much more happy person.

Malcolm "it works y'na" Etchells

So before starting a TFT I literally go to work, come in and vegetate on the sofa eating nothing but processed and junk food. Wondering all the while why I was getting bigger and how I was feeling like crap and had zero energy!

After a few failed attempts at getting fit on my own, be it cycling or failing massively at the gym I decided to seek some professional help in Lule and TFT.

Have to say hand on heart it's the best thing I've ever done and only wish I'd found something like this earlier. I've lost quite a bit of weight and toned up which has seriously improved my confidence to get my shirt off. I never would have done this before. I also enjoy and take part in the weight training classes at TFT as well as the large group training sessions which have got me incredible results and new friends too.

Still have ups and downs as we all do and still have doubters who'll try to question what and why I'm doing this. Or just the blatant micky takers like the lads I work with (they'll have a field day when they spot this haha) but if you feel lethargic, stuck and lost as I did you wouldn't go far wrong giving this a go. It works y'na!

Dave "proud" Wilson

Before I joined Total Fitness Tribe I was overweight, unfit, stressed at work and suffering from Diabetes II and high blood pressure. I was dubious of miracle diets and gyms that claim they could transform your life.

Thirteen weeks in, after a lot of blood, sweat and yes tears I had lost two stone in weight and my work shirts fitted me with ease. At my quarterly check-up the Doctor was puzzled, no sign of any Diabetes or high blood pressure, in his words "your bloods are better than mine".

More importantly there was another change, one that isn't promoted anough. At work I became more relaxed, stressful situations handled in a more professional manner, I actually began to relish the problems that previously sent me in to a spiral of irritation, anxiety and over eating.

Total Fitness Tribe isn't a quick fix, a magic solution or even an end of personal struggles but for me it's a community of people who respect themselves and others with mutual encouragement, support and honesty. We train, sweat and share a commitment to a better lifestyle both in the gym and out of it. I'm not going back to where I was and if you want to join us going forward you won't find a better environment than that provided by Luke and his team.

Dave "heathier than his doctor" Ridley

In the photo on the left, I was desperate to loose weight, sick of being the big one in the family. I had very low self esteem and felt like no matter what I did, I couldn't do it. i'd lose a few pounds, but put it straight back on. I stumbled across Luke and this amazing group. And yes, this is a fitness group but more than that it's like a family! Now, I have made some amazing friends that will last a lifetime. We sweat together and support each other and to top it off I've lost the weight! Whoop whoop!! My lifestyle has changed so much thanks to TFT, I'm healthier and more confident than ever.

Kaye 'over the moon' Stevenson

As an overweight, unhealthy and deeply unhappy Mum who only existed. I was stuck in a circle of being tired and run down and didn't make any effort to do things for myself. I have struggled for years with anxiety and depression and I felt I was at such a low point. After speaking with Luke, within minutes he filled me with confidence. It was amazing to hear someone genuinely cared and wanted to help me achieve my goals. I attend morning sessions 3 times a week now. I'm inspired to get out of bed at 5:30am, long before my children, and do something for me! I love walking into sessions knowing all my troubles are left at the door and everyone inside are there for the same reasons I am. I am now well on my way to achieving my ideal body weight, which is a bonus. The best part is I can do something that is for me and me only three times a week. I am so grateful to Luke and everybody there for helping me feel so much better inside and out.

Helena 'Happy' Donkin

I was feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed and fat! Because my mental health wasn't great, I wasn't eating properly (juke and take aways) or exercising and I felt rubbish. I decided I need to do something to make myself feel better. I saw a few friends had liked the Total Fitness Tribe page so I contacted Luke.

I joined TFT on 19th December 2015. I'd planned on joining after the new year but Luke said to join the next day and I was so nervous. But I did and I am so thankful that he said that. By the start of January I'd already done 4 sessions. I was so anxious starting but everyone was so friendly. It was tough and for the first time in my life I was sick after exercise and ached loads but I couldn't give up after 1 session. I figured if I could get up early on the cold, dark winter mornings when I felt depressed, how much better would I feel once I improved and the mornings got lighter. So I went back and the more I did it the more I loved it and the better I felt.

Fast forward to the end of May. I've lost weight, I've lost loads of inches and my clothes fit much better. I'm still a work in progress but feel so much better. My mood and energy levels are great (even at 6am), my anxiety is much less now and I feel much more confident and happy. I absolutely love the exercise. Even burpees. No 2 sessions are ever the same so you never get bored and we actually have great fun. The food I'm eating is amazing, so tasty and even better, healthy.

The tribe is full of amazing people with similar goals and everyone is so supportive. I've made some wonderful friends too. Luke really has created something amazing and unique here and the best thing is that he and the rest of the tribe 'get it'. A huge thank you, especially to Luke, but also to the rest of the tribe.

Lianne 'chuffed to bits' Douglass