Steve H's Bio

To say I didn't light any fires athletically when growing would have been an understatement. The only sport I could have succeeded in might have been avoiding physical activity.

At 16 I developed an interest in combat sports, starting to take part in karate, boxing, Muay Thai and a various types of grappling. I had neither the fitness no the mentally strength to be successful in any of those sports.

My school paid for a gym membership and I decided that was the path for me to improve my performance, full of enthusiasm and nerves I booked in with one of the 'trainers' to be shown how to get fast and strong.

Encouragingly I was told I probably wasn't cut out for this and left feeling embarrassed and frankly pathetic.. So I know how it feels to feel that way... Sorry guys, this isn't an overnight success story, it took months of training to do a set of real push ups.

Once I achieved that I knew I was capable of changing myself, and I stopped making excuses and started making progress. I put on 2 and a half stone that next year. (I was the skinny insecure kid). Fast forward several years I've competed on several sports.

As coach I've worked with hundreds of people, from NHS clients post heart attack and stroke to FA referees, semi pro football teams, pro rugby players, track and field athletes and competitive powerlifters plus many more.

I wasn't the guy who was born a great athlete, I wasn't picked last in PE because I simply didn't bother to turn up.

If I can achieve what I have I'm in no doubt anyone can surpass me with the correct guidance, I've spent every ounce of energy available to myself being the best coach I can be to help those who are willing to succeed..